Attacking/Defending at pace

Objective – score at pace

  1. Continuous five minute 3 v 3 match
  2. Use subs – teach them to manage themselves
  3. From halfway line (be strict)
  4. One point per goal

Lack of numbers encourages intensity and fast play as well as subs being used

  1. Force substitutes and goalkeepers to be coaches –  how can outfield players speed up the pace of play?
  2. Small numbers on a big pitch = lots of opportunities to attack into space, dribble and shoot.
  1. All hit outs from the defensive baseline.
  2. Long corners and side lines must be taken from top of the opposite D
  3. One point for a instant free hit
  1. Score one point every time your team enters the D through top third of the circle (use two flat markers).
  2. This is aimed at good defence because encouraging teams to attack the middle prompts good defence (channelling).
  3. ….change points to encourage players to attack through the right hand side of the circle
  4. Bonus point for any two-handed tackle
  5. Every time a goal is scored the scorer must go and record their goal by adding a cone to a pile on the sideline.
  6. One point for each time green card given to oppo for interfering in play if not 5 yds

Attack And Defence 3V3