Around & Through

Objective – Attackers have to pass the ball to either end


Game makeup

  1. 2 Teams of 5
  2. 5 defenders are in the box
  3. 3 attackers are in the box and 2 are outside the box
  4. Attackers have to move the ball from one end of the pitch to the other
  5. If defenders win the ball then they have to reshape and attackers have to all be in the box


  1. Push only no slap or hit passes


  1. Each end = 1 goal
  2. More goals if you combine IN the box (1 per pass after 1)


  1. Motivate pre-scanning and drawing defenders
  2. Pre-scan to identify where the cover defenders are
  3. Move ball to space
  4. Move body to space


  1. Press
  2. Shape of press
  3. Pressure instantly
  4. 5 second recovery
  1. Restart from the end of the pitch where the transgression occurred
  2. Play in 2 minute increments
  1. 5 balls for each team
  2. Reduce size of playing area
  3. Wall passes = 1 point (5 = goal)
  4. Simplify the game by having fewer players trying to win the ball



around and through