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Across the river

    Objective – Playing out from the back CAREFULLY

    1. 5v5, 4v4 etc or even overloads
    2. Each defending (blue & white) team is looking to get it to the other defending team – across the river
    3. If the defenders win then they look to score in the goal
    4. Reds are allowed into either area to attack the ball
    5. Blues and whites are allowed to put 1 or 2 players into the river to help them get across (only after 5 passes)


    1. Switching play
    2. Possession
    3. Building through the thirds


    1. High press
    2. Transition
    3. Pressure on ball and channel
    4. Stay in the game
    1. Long corners if over back (encourages jump back if lose ball by blues)
    2. Sidelines normal
    1. Play forward faster
    2. The least passes before you cross the more points
    3. # of passses before you cross to encourage possession
    4. 2 touch passes