Managing Accountability

Some phrases that team leaders can use to help hold their teammates ACCOUNTABLE.

  1. “That is not the way we do things here.”
    This is a simple yet powerful team culture statement.
    It lets your teammate know that their behavior is not the standard on this team or in this program.
  2. We are better than that.”
    This is a statement that you can use to raise the bar.
    You are saying that our TEAM is better than this behavior.
    It is a good statement a team leader can use to expect more and motivate your teammates.
  3. “We need more from you.”
    It is not always easy to confront a teammate.
    What can you say?
    This is a positive statement a team leader can say to confront a teammate.
    It challenges your teammate to give more to the team, but it also lets them know you believe in them.
  4. “We need you to step up.”
    Similar to the previous phrase, these words help you challenge a teammate.
    You are letting them know that the team needs them to give more than what they are currently giving the team.
    It is a phrase to help refocus your teammate.
  5. ”That is not our standard.”
    The statement can be used to define the standards of your TEAM culture.
    Be direct.
    It just simply states this is not our standard. It is clear and precise, and it makes it known to your teammate what the standard is.
  6. “You are hurting our team.”
    Use this to confront your teammate.
    A statement to remind them that nobody is too big for the team.
    What you are doing is hurting US.
    It reminds them that WE > ME. If they can’t handle that, then their membership on the team should be discussed.
  7. “We don’t do that in our program.”
    This is another standard-setting statement.
    It lets your teammate know that this is not how we do things in our program.
  8. “This can’t happen.”
    A simple statement that is used to help set and define the standard.
    Setting the standard is essential for team leaders.
    You must address issues that fall below the standard using words like these.
  9. “Next Play.”
    A statement that can help a player move on and not dwell on a past mistake or past success.
    Dwelling on a mistake not only hurts the individual’s chance of playing but also affects the success of the TEAM.

In summary

  1. Not how we do things
  2. Better than That
  3. Need More
  4. Step Up
  5. Not Standard
  6. Hurting Team
  7. Not in our Program
  8. Can’t Happen
  9. Next Play