7,6,5,4,3 A-Side

Objective – game management – situational awareness – leadership


Start with a small pitch and slowly increase the size

  1. Std 7/8 a side game reducing slowly
  2. remove players but keep the sides equal
  3. As the number of players changes so does the focus to score as many times as possible.
  4. The fewer players that are on the pitch the more incentive there is to attack at pace and exploit space.
  5. Manage substitutions.
  6. Any infringement = a 30 second sin-bin.

Start by playing 7 a side.

  1. How you will change the number of players on the pitch?
  2. Try calling the total and let players organise it for themselves.

      The changing numbers means that teams need to self-organise quickly to adapt to the new rules.

      1. Communication
      2. Adaptation
      3. Awareness
      4. Speed of reaction


      1. To emphasise attacking play ask each team for a target number of goals for the next section of the game. If they meet the target you will double their overall score.
      2. Let the game run and give teams time to reflect and plan without taking a lead.
      3. Mix up the team numbers

      Remember the emphasis is on attacking quickly and trying to reduce any focus on positions. This makes everyone in the team get involved in attacking and defending 

      1. Std hockey but baseline start from keeper
      2. Sideline = coach
      1. Score 1 point for every shot (plus one for every goal)
      2. Add a shot clock. If either team gets a shot within 10 seconds of a restart or winning the ball it is worth 2 points.