Press & Dictate – 5v4 press

Objective – Defensive press & channelling

  1. 4v3 (+ a joker if needed) or fix 5v4 or 6v4 – the aim is to dynamically manage a diamond/V shaped defense
  2. Attackers score in big goal
  3. Defenders score in either small goal
  4. Commence by passing ball from baseline to attackers on back line


  1. Big goal for attackers = normal goal
  2. Small goals for defenders = 2 goals for success
  3. Defensive goal for pressured mistake
  1. Defenders
    1. Pressure on the ball instantly
    2. Do not dive
    3. Delay, Deny Dictate/Channel
    4. V/Diamond structure
    5. Defend L2G (Line to goal)
    6. Approach the tackle as high up the pitch as poss


    1. Drag defenders out of position
    2. Patience
    3. Recycle
  1. Reset if ball off back line
  1. Add points if they force mistakes from attackers
  2. Limit balls so the attackers are under even more pressure to reduce unforced errors