4v4 Pivoting with lanes

ObjectivesGameFocus onTransition/ResetProgression

Explicit Objectives

  1. Generate width
  2. Keep possession by pivoting

Game makeup

  1. 4v4 (diamond) or 5v5
  2. 3rd team of 4 or 5 to transition in
  3. 2 sideline lanes with jokers
  4. 1/4 of pitch with 3 goals at either end
  5. Scoring in normal goal or to sideline goals


  1. Std hockey rules
  2. Jokers MUST stay in channels – can score from anywhere in their channel (see progression)
  3. Jokers cannot be attacked but team can use channel to pass/receive


  1. In one of the 3 goals

Focus points

  1. Jokers to be square or left foot pass
  2. Running with the ball
  3. Pivoting when locked out
  4. Possession – NO CONTACT so rollout
  5. Encourage deflection goals from wing passes
  6. Drawing defender BEFORE passing
  7. Fast transitions
  8. Encourage cross pitch slap shots (if pitch wide enough)


  1. Team replaced when goal is scored


  1. Turn & Burn to encourage faster transitions
  2. Enable all players in lanes with no tackling (remove jokers)
  3. Widen pitch
  4. Reduce player nos keep game fast
  5. Remove sideline goals to encourage cross balls
4v4 Pivoting with lanes