4v4 + Magic Players

Objective – Keep possession until you can score

  1. 4v4 plus 2 magic players
  2. Std game which you can play with/without keepers
  3. The aim is to keep possession
  4. To motivate this the score is based on the number of passes before you score being the goals in that moment

In possession

  1. Leading high and wide
  2. Stick to stick
  3. Safety with guard
  4. Width

Out of Possession

  1. Defend the centre & line to goal
  2. Compact so cannot pass through
  3. Pressure on the carrier if close
  1. Over the side normal rules
  2. Over the backline then swop attacking teams
  3. Freehit then coach passes in to NON-offending team
  1. Remove a magic player
  2. Change scoring to make it more advantageous to keep the ball
  3. Provide each team with 5 balls so they are under pressure not to risk things

5v5 + magic players