4 v 4 Diamond

Objective – encourage a diamond/triangle structure

  1. 4 v 4 (or can add GKs for 5 v 5)
  2. 16th ish of a pitch
  3. Std hockey rules
  4. Normal goal scoring if no goals then score online
  1. Positional play – developing positional responsibilities – diamond shape
  2. Support in attack and defence – guard players and width
  3. Generating understanding of transition between defense and attack and how you move
  4. Pressure on the ball INSTANTLY
  5. Transition
  6. Look for WHOLE team moving up/down the pitch “The magic carpet”
  1. Normal game
  2. If small pitch then coach sends in ball
  1. Turn & Burn to encourage faster transitions
  2. Lose a player who loses the ball (unless he gets it back in 5 secs)
  3. Narrow/widen pitch
  4. Subs – they replace the player who loses the ball
  5. Extra team – they replace the losing team when goal scored