3v4 Push Back

Objective – Defensive principles – Delay, disrupt, dispossess – STRUCTURE

  1. 1/8th of a pitch 
  2. 3v4 with 1 attacker in each End Zone

Defenders (Reds)

  1. Defenders look to win the ball in the middle box
    (3 points if they are successful)
  2. Defenders look to keep the ball for 5 passes
    (another 5 points)
  3. Attempt to force the ball back to end zone
    (another 10 points)
  4. If they do send it back then they can tackle that player

Attackers (Blues)

  1. Look to pass through the box with no touch in the middle box
    (5 points)
  2. If they pass to a middle player then to the end
    (3 points)
  3. Attackers can alternate and interchange into the middle as long as only 2 players are there at a time
  4. End zone player subs with internal player once goal is scored

Play in sets of 2 mins

    1. Delay, disrupt, dictate
    2. Pressure on the ball
    3. Double team the attacker and force a mistake
    4. Force the attacker to rollout
    5. Low and mobile body position / good footwork


    1. Press after Loss
    2. First touch next action
    3. Defend L2G

    1. Coach Restarts if ball goes over the side

    1. Tweak size of box to add difficulty for players in the middle
    2. Tweak numbers to get defensive team working even numbered or underloaded
    3. Add keeper in end zone