2v2v2 – External goals

Objective – manage transitions and movement our of pressure


Game makeup

  1. Teams in 3 different colour bib sets
  2. 3 teams of 2 players in a 4v2 combo
  3. The attackers who lose the ball become the 2 defenders
  4. The defenders when they win the ball try and score in the external goals from a pass


  1. All players must remain in the box
  2. 2 teams combine to play 4 versus 2
  3. Push only no slap or hit passes


  1. Retain possession for 5 passes = 1 point
  2. Defenders win by scoring externally – keep score


  1. Motivate pre-scanning and drawing defenders
  2. Pre-scan to identify where the cover defenders are

Coaching points – Prescan/draw/eliminate

  1. Be aware of the 2nd defenders position
  2. Which way is the cover defender moving?
  3. Identify a free player – and move the defenders stick out of the passing lane by using disguise – identify where they move their stick
  4. Players NOT in possession offer ‘wide angled support’
  5. Left foot/square pass
  1. Losing players team becomes defenders 
  2. Sideline off then restart as per normal hockey


  1. Create grid and move teams up or down if they win
  2. Reduce size of playing area
  3. Change to circle
  4. One touch passing
  5. Wall passes
  6. Make the circle larger to give players more time on the ball
  7. Simplify the game by having fewer players trying to win the ball, or even start with no one in the middle when players are starting out.