1v2 Break Defense

Objective – Double team to control the attacker

  1. Players work in pairs in this drill – attacking and defending pair.
  2. The attacker starts with the ball and has to dribble around the cone and try to score a goal.
  3. Simultaneously a defender also runs out and around the cone.
  4. Drill is live once the attacker is round their cone


  1. Defending team are trying to dispossess the attacker and score in “their”goal
  2. The drill continues until one of the team has had a shot at one of the goals.
  3. If the defenders win the ball then the attackers add a player who has to help in the “now” 2v2
  1. Communication
  2. Planning
  3. Channelling

The key to this practice is have a plan and direction

  1. Start again if over the side or back line
  1. Limited number of balls
  2. Timescale
  3. Add players each time there is a turnover