1v1 Scoring

Objective – To win the ball cleanly with two handed open stick tackling.

    1. Red feed red
    2. Red attacks  attacks and tries to score in the blue goal.
    3. Blue player defends the goal.
    4. Once a goal is scored or blue wins the ball then red leaves
    5. Blue player now becomes the attacker and tries to score in their goal by receiving a pass from the group of blue players.
    6. A new red player enters the game and acts as a defender.
    7. This runs continuously. Each player will defend first, then attack and then join the queue.
      (The defenders should aim to pass the ball to either corner if/when they win it).
    8. The game is a continuous five minute 1 v 1 match.


    1. Goals are worth 3 points and clean,
    2. Open stick tackles count for 1 point.
    3. A clean tackle comprises of winning the ball without hitting the opponent’s stick or either player kicking it.
    1. Get the defender to send the ball somewhere – this is representative of the game
    1. When scoring then change around
    2. Ball over sideline – reset
    3. Ball over backline – reset
    1. Try starting the group of players from different start positions (i.e. one of the other corners).
    2. Play 2 v 2 or 3 v 3 to add in decision making about whether to pass or dribble.

    1v1 Scoring