1v1 – Clean Win

Objective – Win the ball cleanly

  1. Defender starts on the blue cone and passes the ball to an attacker on the red cone
  2. Immediately the attacker tries to score by dribbling the ball under control through either gate
  3. The defender aims to tackle them and pass the ball back to the next defender on the blue cone

Try and use an area of the pitch that reflects a part of the pitch used in a match.

  1. Practise attacking and defending for five minutes
  2. Emphasise attacking at pace by praising quick running and not rolling out
  3. Challenge players to make the first pass a great pass.

Location specific feed

Encourage reaction to turnover by getting players to play free hits and sideline hits as they would in a match. 

    Two-handed tackling

    • Allows players to win the ball cleanly (no fouls and no break down in play) to set up an attack.
    • It forces the defender to get close which also cuts down passing options for the attacker.

    What does good look like…?

    • To tackle with two-hands a defender must close the space to an attacker quickly.
    • Left hand needs to be on the floor to provide the biggest possible tackling area.
    • Footwork, make sure the defender is side on and able to run with the attacker.
    • Use the pitch to ‘channel’ the attacker away from dangerous parts of the pitch.

    Start attack again with new players

    1. Put the players into two teams and score their attacking as one point for the red gate and two points for the green gate.
    2. Add in a bonus point if the defender wins the ball two-handed and successfully passes it to the next defender.