Using the middle to overload high

Objective – Playing through the midfield 

  1. The area is 30m x 45m and split into two end zones (30m x 20m) and a central zone (30m x 5m).
  2. In each end zone, there is a 2v1 situation in favour of the defending team. Wide players are positioned off the pitch on either wing, as shown. A neutral player (N) is positioned in the middle zone.
  3. The ball starts with one team, and they try to advance through the thirds to score. Once the neutral player in the middle zone receives the ball, the wingers on the outside are allowed to come on to the pitch and play inside the touchline, creating a 3v2 overload in favour of the attacking team.
  4. If the defending team (yellows) win possession, this is the trigger for their wide players to join the practice.


  1. Normal
  2. Deflections – 2 goals
  3. One touch – 3 goals
  1. Weight, accuracy and timing of pass are all important in combining successfully.
  2. Encourage players to combine quickly to get behind defenders.
  3. Isolate defenders with a threat of shooting or passing, before executing a technique to beat them with.
  4. When defending, always look to protect the middle of the pitch.
  5. Keep spaces between defenders as close as possible (don’t get played through).
      1. Any infraction coach throws new ball in
      1. Fixed no of balls fed to each team.
      2. 2 touches
      3. Time limitation

      Using the middle to overload high