Winning does not care

In 2021, Lewis Caralla, Strength Coach at Georgia Tech, gave this phenomenal speech about winning.

He said, “Are you willing to sprint when the distance is unknown?”

Here are the 3 takeaways from his speech:

  1. Winning is NOT Fair
    Winning is not loyal, and it does not promise you anything.
    You can put all of the time and work into it and still come up short.
  2. Winning does NOT Care
    Winning does not care about you.
    It can create a fear of failure, add stress and undue pressure, and play mental games with our heads.
    Winning causes setbacks and does not promise you anything.
  3. So…Why do we Chase Winning?
    We chase winning for one reason and one reason only.
    The only thing that is guaranteed in life if you do not chase winning is the alternative.
    Losing…and losing is much worse!

Winning is a lifestyle, it is our day-to-day choices on how we live our lives.

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