Warmup activities

Title Actions
Circle/D Jog around circle initially without sticks

  1. Stepping high and low – over cones?
  2. Toe/knee touch
  3. Foot bum
  4. Sumo
  5. Jump
  6. Stars
  7. With partner
  8. High 5
  9. Knees – yours then others
  10. Shoulders
  11. Out & In – with or without ball
  12. Reverse direction
Cone Flip
  • Lay half the cones the right way up
  • The other half upside down
  • 2 teams attack cones and turn the the opposite way
  • Winner is the ones with the most
    Cone Grab
    • Partners facing each other
    • Coach shouts exercise instructions (to stretch part of body)
    • Final instruction is to grab cone
    • Winner moves up
    Ball grab
    • Partners facing each other (with sticks)
    • Ball between each pair
    • Coach shouts exercise instructions (to stretch part of body)
    • Final instruction is to grab ball
    • Winner moves up
    Donkey’s tail
    • Groups of 5 + 1
    • 5 are all in a row with the last person having a bib in shorts
    • 1 person faces the 5 “leader
    • They have have to get to the back of the row to get bib
    • The row snakes to prevent them
    Captains pass
    • Group of 4 + 1 captain
    • 5 are in a fan shape around the captain
    • Captain passes to fan as fast as poss
    • Last player in fan becomes the captain
    • First team to do a complete circuit is a winner
    Left | right | forward | backwards
    • All players with ball
    • Dribble with ball until coach shouts or indicates direction
    • Can use cones for traffic lights (Make players look up)
    • Add other challenges
      • Zebra crossing (zig zag)
      • Speed – 30, 50, 70
      • Roundabout
      • Swap cars
      • Add obstacles (more cones)
    Running in lines
    • Groups of 4+ follow my leader with ball and stick
    • Rear most person runs to front
    • Progression
      • Run in and out of other players
      • Keep ball at 1 o’clock  or other positions
    • Roll balls to each other – high mid low
    Stuck in mud
    • Ball between legs to “stick” or “unstick”
    • Create pairs
    • One player moves and other copies
    1. Create pairs
    2. Make different types of bridges
    3. Jump OVER bridges
    4. Roll ball under then jump over
    1. Jogging gently in lines of about 4 or 5
    2. Leader determines direction
    3. Back player moves to front
    4. Do misc exercises as you go
    5. Add technique exercises
    Red Rover
    • Cross a defined area with “catchers” in the middle (with or without sticks and balls)
    Body Parts
    • Shout number and name – 5/elbow – people have to get into 5 pax group and touch elbows
    Knee slaps
    • Pair up facing each other
    • Bend down and try and slap each other’s knees
    • Every 3 strikes find new partner
    • Everyone in the group is IT they must tag each other, once caught stand still with both hands in the air. Tagged people can only be freed with a high 5
    Over & Under
    • Create groups in a line
    • Pass ball over head/through legs – relay style –
    • When reached the end then end person runs to the back
    • …and it starts all over again
    • WINNER = team who does one complete rotation
    • Shout a number and get people to group in that number
    1. Everyone must secretly choose another person in the group who is their bomb (who will explode if they get close to them)
    2. They must then secretly choose someone who is their shield (who will protect them from their bomb)
    3. The group must then move around within a specified area keeping their shield between them and their bomb
    4. After a certain amount of time, shout ‘BANG’ and all those who are blown up by their bomb (i.e. do not have their shield protecting them) must fall to the floor
    1. Play – walk around
    2. Rewind – run / walk backwards
    3. Fast Forward – run
    4. Pause – jump on the spot
    5. Stop – stop
    6. Eject – Jump Up!
    7. Search for the programme – get the children to skip sideways
    8. Change – they then change direction.
    9. Slow Motion – walk in a slow exaggerated way.
    10. Spacebar – Find a space
    Video-2 Children are running through the ‘jungle’ and they need to get away from animals – commands are:

    • jump over logs
    • duck under branches
    • high knees through quicksand
    • run from the tiger
    • tiptoe past the snake
    • Swing like Tarzan – children reach up for the vines – call ‘arrhhh’
    Pass the Hoop
    • Line kids up
    • Join hands
    • First child has to pass hoop to last child without letting go
    • They have to work together to shimmy, shuffle, and pass it to the partner next to them without breaking the chain.
    Human Knot
    • Group stands in circle
    • Each person grabs another person’s hand across the circle
    • Repeat with remaining hand
    • Then the group must work together to unravel the massive human knot
    Wheelbarrow Races
    • Relay race
    Lap Sit
    • Group to stand in circle, facing counter clockwise with each person facing the person’s back in front of them.
    • Put right leg in towards centre
    • Everyone moves in to shrink the size of the circle more
    • Keep doing this until each person is touching the other person on each side of them
    • INSTRUCTION – Everyone put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them
    • Slowly sit down.

    If done correctly, everyone ends up sitting on each other’s lap

    • Layout mines (Any objects)
    • Create 2 person groups
    • One person blindfolded and cannot speak
    • Non-blindfolded partner stand outside the minefield.
    • Non-blindfolded partner  directs the blind folded partner through the minefield verbally directions.
    • If you step on a mine start over.
    Aces at Races
    • Create 2 person groups
    • Carry an object – soccer ball, football, tennis ball, etc. and try the following variations.
      • Forehead to forehead
      • Elbow to elbow
      • Hip to hip
      • Shoulder to shoulder
    Feet Compete
    • Teams to lie on their backs in a circle feet inwards
    • Use feet to pass a football around the circle
    Caterpillar Crawl
    • Create teams of 2 persons
    • Place filled balloons between each team member at chest/back level
    • Team must caterpillar walk their way down the field, not dropping or popping any of the balloons 

     Preparation required

    Shake It Competition
    • Get a number of tissue boxes and create a belt for each so when complete box is on persons back
    • Put three Ping-Pong balls inside the box
    • Create teams
    • Relay race from one side of pitch to the other in process shaking balls out of box
    • Reload box on other side and come back
    Hot Lava
    • 2 full sized bed sheets
    • 2 “islands.” surrounded by lava
    • Turn sheet over while staying out of lava