Video Content

Video composition:

5 elements (sections)

  1. Intro
  2. The skill
  3. IF possible skill in context
  4. Slow mo of skill
  5. Goodbye

The sections

An intro (15 secs):

  1. What the technique skill is – “Learning to hit”
  2. Where it is used – “Scoring if you have time, moving the ball long distances”
  3. Core elements to focus on – “How to hold the stick how to bend etc”

The skill (+context if feasible):

  1. Demonstrate what it is and highlight important elements (eg where to have your hands)
  2. If you can show in context eg dragging the defender for a left foot pass then demo that as well

Slow mo:

  1. Only do this if there are a sequence of moves that culminate in a result (elimination for example)


  1. Just say bye and see you next time

pull the ball back


  1. As high quality as possible
  2. Only do video horizontal on phones
  3. Use a tripod to keep the video still – if you have issues then tell me and I will get you one
  4. Iphone is perfect as we want mp4 videos
  5. We will top and tail the videos – (intro page and closing page)
  6. We will load music – there will be little/no talking – If you need to make a point then talk during the video and we will add text later. We are trying to keep the videos consistent and want to make sure we do not have too much deviation
  7. IF you can demonstrate your video via a game that you have seen then fantastic (send me a link to view the game)  – see image above – a tweet where the coach has referenced one of his sessions (day 6) and the video in real life