Useful questions

Useful questions for sports competitors to ask themselves:


  • What did my best game look and feel like?
  • What does my dream game look and feel like?
  • What do others see when I play with confidence?
  • What behaviours do I engage in that help me build confidence?
  • Who helps me to feel confident and what do they tend to say?

Game concentration and attention:

  • What internal noise tend to distract me?
  • What external distractions impact my game?
  • What can I be curious about in my competitive environment that can help me have an external focus of attention?
  • What can I control, or get close to controlling, when I play?
  • Who can help me stay focused?


  • What does my high performance mental state look and feel like?
  • Do I tend to frustrated or angry (high arousal) or do I tend to get down or despondent (low arousal)?
  • What have I done in the past to manage my emotions?
  • Does anger actually help me compete better?
  • Who can help me manage my emotions?

Goal Achievement:

  • What game day goals help me? What hinder me?
  • Should I focus on winning or does this just get in the way?
  • What KPI’s help me to focus my mind on the tasks at hand?
  • Do I have mental objectives? If so, what are they? If. It, what could they be?
  • Should I be ready to change objectives during a game?

Training and practice:

  • What two or three specific areas of my game do I want to (or do I need to) improve right now?
  • How can I set up a feedback system with a coach to help me develop these areas?
  • If an expert was to critique my training and practice mindset what might they say?
  • I’m practicing, but am I learning and subsequently improving?
  • What one thing can I do to improve my game intelligence or my ability to execute strategically or tactically?

Teaming or leading:

  • What behaviours does a great (leader) engage in?
  • What positive behaviours do I exhibit that helps my teammates from a team (leader) perspective on the field?
  • What positive behaviours do I exhibit that helps my teammates from a team (leader) perspective off the field?
  • What one area of teamship (leadership) can I improve upon?