Use the width

Objective – Using the width to get “down” the pitch

  1. 4v4 + 2 wingers
  2. Wingers play for both sides and have to stay off the sideline
  3. Aim is to score in either goal
  4. Start with a thin pitch so they cannot get “down” the pitch without going wide
  5. THEN go to progressively wider and wider pitches
  1. Use the winger to get down the pitch
  2. Use the winger to develop 1-2 passing
  3. Use the winger to get to the sideline goals (as they are already wide)
  1. Std rules
  1. Change size of pitch as they get better and are using the width
  2. Add points if they use a winger
  3. Add a magic player
  4. Limit the number of balls so they do not waste them
  5. Add points if they do 1-2s