Treble Champions

Objective – do some thinking and planning to win all 3 games


Choose any three small sided games with their own rules and ways of scoring. 

  1. Each team has ten players.
  2. Each team plays all three games at once.
  3. Teams choose at the start how many players to have on each pitch and can switch players between pitches at any point.
  4. Play 6 minute rotations and, based on the scores, ask the teams to review how the game is going.
  5. Ask if they need to change their focus to make sure that they win all three sections.

Example games

  1. MINI D SHOOTOUT…every goal = 1
  2. OVER THE LINE…every ball carry over the opposition’s line between the paired cones = 1
  3. END ZONE…every pass to a team mate in the end zone = 1

Because of the complexity this works best with one coach/scorer per game. Shout out the scores loudly and make it clear what is going on in each game.

To win a team has to be ahead in all three games when the whistle goes for a five minute break.


  1. 3 pitches within the 23 metre.
  2. If the pitches are too large players won’t have the awareness of what is going on in the three matches.
  1. Creating underloads and overloads is an important way to recreate situations that occur in games. Challenging players to adapt to situations when they have more or fewer players than the opposition great practice

Std hockey

  1. Change the three games and/or how you award points within them.

treble champions