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Transitions 3v2

Objective – managing transitions

  1. This is 2v3 game in a small area to generate transitions
  2. The group of 3 aim to win the ball and go to goal
  3. The group of 2 aim to work through the pressure and get the ball into the red box
  4. The attackers pass the ball to the defenders who try and get it into the box
  5. The attackers have to press, win and transition to attack
  1. The main focus is on transition from attack to defence and defence to attack
  2. Defenders keep the ball – how are they going to do that
  3. Attackers counter press
  4. Attackers once you have it how are you going to make it effective “hi low wide we go”
  5. Explode and implode depending if you are attacking or defending
  1. Start game again
  1. Size of area
  2. Rotate and limit the balls so you have winners and losers
  3. Limit time so attackers are under heaps of pressure
  4. Change number of players to perhaps 4v3