Transfer on Loss – Press to recover

Objective – Teach the attackers to press high and fast and to restructure dynamically

  1. 3 teams – 2 sets of defenders and 1 attackers
  2. The attackers go from the central box and attack a goal – if they score they return to the box and start again, attacking the OTHER goal
  3. If the defenders win the ball they have to transfer via a man in the goal
  4. They look to score through either side goal
  5. When the defenders score the attackers have to attack the other way and prevent the other side from scoring through a side goal

Defending aims

  1. Get the transfers fast and hard
  2. Time and space – move to space
  3. Do not force the pass or the goals

Attacking aims

  1. Press after loss 
  2. High press
  3. Structure quickly
  4. Speed
  5. Time and space – move to space
  6. Do not force the pass or the goals
  1. If the ball goes off then std sideline free hit
  2. Over the back line then opposite side starts with a new ball and transfer
  3. Defending free hit – std restart
  4. Attacking free hit – restart from central box
  1. Add defenders from opposing side
  2. Limit number of balls so they are not “wasted”
  3. Speed to goal to force intensity