The Hit & Clip Hit

Hitting a hockey ball

  1. Hands together an inch off the top of the stick
  2. Ball in line with front foot
  3. Body 90 deg to the direction of intended ball travel (left shoulder pointing where you want the ball to go)
  4. As you swing bend down so left hand passes in line with left knee during the swing
  5. Follow through

Extra – do it while the ball is slightly moving – “step into the hit”

Detailed synopsis of the whole process
Annotated video of the whole process incl body position

Further options
Some further tips to look for

Short sharp annotated version give us their overview 



Very very detailed
You get all the whys and wherefores on this one

Clip Hit
Quicker simple version of full hit – use when no time and still want power

Clip Hit
Really good stuff here from a team of really good dutch players