The End Zone

Objective – motivate quick transitions from attacking to defending, lead ahead of the ball carrier so that they can receive a pass in the end zone.

  1. 4v4, 5v5 in a 1/4 pitch – size determined by number of players
  2. Score by ball receiver being in YOUR end zone
  3. Limit of 3 seconds in end zone or “20 sec yellow”
  4. Double points when the ball enters the end zone in the right half of the pitch
  5. Double points for scoring a turnover goal (from a play that immediately follows a tackle or interception) to encourage counter attacking.
  6. Double points if scored within 30 secs of previous goal (?) 

        Coach feeds ball from half way line to non transgressing team

        1. Limit the balls
        2. 2 minute rotations
        3. Turn and burn