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Block, Lunge, Jab Tackling

Tackling in all its guises – including channelling

  1. Force player onto the strong side (channelling him) – line your body up appropriately
  2. Ensure you are not square so you cannot get eliminated if he goes right
  3. Keep appropriate distance (usually a BIG step and half away from ball carrier) – commit when certain
  4. Jab tackle to play for time

Detailed synopsis of the whole process
Not much in the way of demos so see other videos for demos

Example under pressure
Great example of PALM2

Further Examples
Also has  jab tackles – used to slow things down

Simple fast view of the block tackle
see how the defender moves to channel the attacker

Great Commentary
Demonstration of both forehand and reverse stick tackles

All forms of tackling
Long winded but covers the whole process