Tackle Zone

Objective – work as a team win the ball in a chosen zone of the pitch (and to score as many goals as possible).

  1. 5v5 – vary the pitch for extra players – use subs where necessary
  2. Each team picks one section of the pitch to win the ball in
  3. If they win the ball and pass to a teammate then bonus point
  4. Score a goal and receive 3 points
  5. Short fast games

A bigger pitch will generally make the challenge for the team closing down more difficult.

8 minute games work well with two teams of six players.

  1. Make sure you have whiteboards for each team-it makes explanations between players much easier to understand.
  2. Always reward ball winning. If you give zero points for a channel the message you are giving out is ‘don’t try and win the ball here’…but it is always important to try to win the ball back.

Insist on baseline restarts when the ball goes off the back line as they generally improve the intensity of any small sided game

  1. Make a grid so harder to close someone exactly
  2. At the break ask each team to guess which section the opposition are trying to win the ball for a bonus three points.
  3. Ask “What does it look like?” like when an individual player is playing well in this game and what it looks like when a team are playing well.
  4. Challenge groups to win the ball on their strong side (so 3 points if they win it in the right hand channel, 2 in the left hand channel and 1 in the middle).