Switch play

Objective: teach to switch play to the least defended side of the pitch and score a goal.


  1. 3v3 in a 40 by 30 space split into thirds.
  2. Grey shaded area is around 10 yards in depth.
  3. 2x Large Goals  back to back around the main playing area.
  4. Normal hockey rules
  5. Add high players later if wanted

In possession

Play away from pressure to the opponents weak side and try to score.

  1. Look for support in space
  2. Look for high player
  3. Look to “one time score”

Out of possession

  1. Close down channels
  2. Force a mistake
  3. Transition instantly
Start at high end and pass to team who did not transgress
  1. Add high player
  2. Restrict number of changes
  3. Time to score

Possession to score

Password – winchester