Stuck In The Mud #14

Objective – move with the ball


Without a ball.

  1. Divide your group of players into chasers and runners.
  2. If a chaser tags a runner then they must stand with their arms and legs wide apart.
  3. To be freed from the mud a team mate must crawl through their legs.
  4. If the chasers stick every runner in the mud they win!

With a ball.

  1. Everyone has a ball and stick except the chaser (or chasers).
  2. Run away from the chaser whilst dribbling their ball.
  3. If a player is tagged on the shoulder then they must stand legs apart
  4. To be freed a a team mate dribbles a ball through their legs to rescue them from the mud.
  5. Change it up so the chaser must tackle a player to stick them in the mud.
  6. Once a player is freed they have to run and pick up a new ball from the bank.

Coaching challenge

Playing games by telling stars is a brilliant way of making ideas stick.

  1. What does it look like when someone is running fast?
  2. How do you dodge around a chaser?
  3. What makes dribbling easier?
  4. How do you change direction when you are dribbling?
  5. Who makes a really good chaser and why?
  6. Learning – changing direction quickly and efficiently.
  7. Get the ball accurate when moving it

Every 2-5 minutes

  1. Remove some balls so they have to pass
  2. Time scale and how many mud stuckers do you have
  3. Try ‘stuck on the toilet’ where players that are tagged must squat with their arms out
  4. To be freed, a team mate must push down their arms (flush the toilet).

Game #14 Stuck In The Mud