Speedy Shooting

Objective – score as many goals as possible in two minutes

  1. 3 teams in different locations
  2. Each team gets x balls for the player outside the D
  3. The blue team start first; passing a ball from the outside of the circle to their team mate inside the circle who must receive the ball with their back to goal and then shoot immediately.
  4. As soon as the blue team has shot the red team does the same, then the green and back to the blue.
  5. The cycle continues for two minutes. The team with the most goals when the time is up wins.
  6. Use a GK if you have one
    1. This practice is all about energy and intensity, which you’ll need to generate because there are no opponents.
    2. Give time for some unopposed practise of new skills in ‘breakout rooms’ around the pitch. Value discussion between players about how to execute these skills.

    Start again

    1. Try different shots
    2. Start at different distances from goal
    3. Limit the attackers’ touches to 2 or 3.