Slap Hitting

A quick way of moving a ball with accuracy and pace.

It has several advantages:

  1. You do not have to change your grip (although in some instances by doing so you get more power)
  2. Even bad slap hits can be effective
  3. They can used quickly under pressure
  4. They carry less risk for failure than a traditional hit


  1. Keep your hands apart for speed of acting rather than bringing them both to the top of the stick
  2. The backswing should be short and flat, with stick parallel to the ground (even scraping on the group)
  3. Your shot has more chance of success as you have the majority of the shaft
  4. Keep the follow through low and your stick on the ground
  5. To lift the ball, angle the head of the stick upwards so slightly undercutting your shot
  6. If you want more power move your hands together at the top of the stick



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