Skills video content

There are going to be 2 types of videos

Base skills

This is for the learners and kids (U11’s?) who need the basics) and they will be 1 minute or less long and will consist of things like:

  1. Pushing a ball
  2. Slap hitting
  3. Wide based receives
  4. Low arc hitting
  5. Clip hits
  6. etc etc

Typical examples are the Hampshire hockey player pathway videos

Advanced skills

Aimed at kids who can play and need to progress – suggested ages from 11/12 up – generally longer videos and MAY consist of “longer skills” perhaps sequences

  1. Eliminations
  2. Dummies – Bodyfakes
  3. Rebounds (need a keeper)
  4. Deflections
  5. Aerials
  6. Reverse flick

Typical examples are some demonstrated on this page

    Here are the videos we would like