Skills School

Objective – effective ways to carry the ball

  1. Ask the players to dribble the ball from the baseline to the 23 metre line.
  2. Go around a cone and return
  3. Work in groups of 4-6

Create a secret mission

Ask 2 players

  1. ‘Which player is most creative?’ and a second player
  2. ‘which player is most focused?’

They provide feedback


Reach the end of the grid…

  1. With as many touches as possible
  2. As fast as you can
  3. As fast as you can with the stick and ball always in contact
  4. As fast as you can with two 360° spins
  5. As fast as you can with two drags left or right
  6. As fast as you can with at least two lifted skills
  7. As if you are dribbling out of the defensive D
  8. As if you are sprinting forward on a counter-attack

    Coaching tips:

    1. To dribble fast move their right hand up the stick.
    2. To be strong and skilful move their right hand further down the stick.
    3. Provide opportunities for players to experiment without pressure.
    4. Create practices where players can watch other players and learn from their example.

    Change it:

    1. Ask players to demo a new skill and give the other players a chance to practice them.
    2. Challenge the players to perform the skills whilst racing against other players.
    3. To put these skills into practice play a game of bulldog in the same area.

    Skills School