Shooting skills

Objective – develop shooting skills

  1. 4v4/5v5 Standard game play depending on pitch size
  2. One point per goal
  3. Double if you do any of the below or something different
    1. Forehand, hands apart
    2. 1st time shot or deflection
    3. Forehand spin shot
    4. Rebounds
    5. Deflection
    6. Clip hit
    7. Reverse stick
      1. As well as focusing on the skill ask players how they can create more of these opportunities as a team.
      2. Give time for some unopposed practise of new skills in ‘breakout rooms’ around the pitch.
      3. Encourage discussion between players about how to execute these skills.

      Restarts from the baseline, other free hits and side-lines as per the match. 

      Change it:

      1. Change which shot is worth the most points.
      2. Add a bonus point for attempting each shot (plus the points for scoring)
      3. Ask players to suggest a type of goal shot

      Creative Shooting Challenge