Zones around the D

Objective – learning to defend in shape and prevent penetration

  1. 4v4 with defenders looking to keep shape and move ball to end zone and the attackers looking to score
  2. The defending team start as a diamond 4 and are looking to hold a diamond defence for as long as possible
  3. Coach passes to defender who passes to the attacker – game is live
  4. Rotate the defense attack after 3 balls (performance) or 5 balls with not so proficient players


Attacking aim is to connect forwards
DECISION IS – when to be direct and when to play on the outside.

  1. Utilising a 2v1 when we have it
  2. Leading against M2M (using deep space)
  3. Attack the space at pace


Defending aim is to work as a zonal diamond
Try to avoid breaking the shape for as long as possible
Vary the size, height and shape of the diamond whilst still being able to put pressure on the ball.

  1. Multitask and communicate
  2. Protect the centre
  3. Delay
  1. Play sidelines but if the ball goes off the baselines the coach will feed 2 additional balls
  2. 4x 5 minute sets so each team does 2x stint attacking and 2x stint defending.

Make ti super competitive

Set number of balls

Time to score