Round the world

Objective – teach right side circle entry as well as speed of attack

GameCoaching PointsTransition/ResetProgression

A half pitch played width ways – attackers attack down one half – defenders attempt to get the ball and pass to “their” attackers who then attack down the other half.

There is a central line that stops the games ” crossing”


  1. 2 teams of about 7-9 per side (can sub players or have extra teams as lots of running)
  2. Aim of the game is to score FAST
  3. Attacking players are focused in a square on the sideline in the defenders half
  4. Defending players start in their defensive D
  5. Attackers leave the “box” simultaneously with the ball and attempt to score – if the defenders get the ball they pass over to their attackers
  1. Attackers
    1. Early height looking to go “forward first fast”
    2. Attackers explode
    3. Exploit the overload
    4. Draw and eliminate
    5. Focus on ball retention when no option to go forward presents itself
  2. Defenders
    1. Defenders put pressure on the “go forward”
    2. Defenders channel
    3. Defenders put pressure on the ball
  1. Normal rules
  2. Stop after 3 mins if no result
  1. Time to score
  2. 3 points for goal
  3. 2 points for Short corner
  4. 1 point for D penetration