Rollerball #11

Objective – move into space


The aim is to pass the ball to each other or to a designated space

The game is all about passing, finding space to move into and working together as a team.

Start with a simple game whereby each team scores by passing the ball to someone from their own team within an end zone.

Players cannot move when they have the ball.


  1. Ball has to be in the air
  2. Ball has to be rolled
  3. No passes over shoulder height
  4. Bounce passes
  5. 3 passes before you go for gold
  1. How can you help the player with the ball?
  2. Who is tricky to play against?
  3. Why is space useful in games?
  4. In what ways does this look like a hockey match?
  5. What ideas can we share between sports?
  6. If you could change one rule what would it be?

Coach passes ball

Give players opportunities to add in new rules. It could be the design of an entire game or a simpler challenge to introduce a new way of scoring bonus points. To encourage thoughtful discussion give a team 2 minutes and don’t accept any suggestions until the 2 minutes is up!

Game #11 HandBall