Relay Race #18

Objective – Ball carrying and passing

  1. 1/8th of a pitch (smaller for younger players)
  2. Divide group into even teams
  3. Divide into lanes with 2-3 on each lane
  4. Each person has to run half the pitch and pass to other player (then follow on)
  5. Give them 2 mins of practice time
  6. Once comfortable then do a “Race”
  7. Team challenge – have to do it 30 times and measure the time
    1. Ball at one o clock
    2. Push pass
    3. Quality of ball control
    4. Low and mobile body position / good footwork


      1. Stick to stick
      2. Ball pace
      3. Move body around the ball

      1. Start that run again

      1. Timed
      2. Bigger lane length
      3. Cone in middle which they have to go left or right to
      4. Place an object across the middle of the relay so the players have to dribble and pass around it.
      5. Ask the players to identify the best way to be successful. Receive, carry and pass are three important elements.
      6. Give the teams a set time to complete as many cumulative successful repetitions as possible. Returning to zero after every mistake!