This is from a twitter thread by @CoachCraigScot1

Post session reflection is as important as the planning;

First – the reflective cycle….

  1. Standards and Values:
    In the beginning, I was quick to set standards towards the team. Most coaches will do this, I made a great mistake here. Setting standards is important, knowing the teams’ level/capabilities before setting standards is an essential learning point.
    “Try to set standards that make other people wish they were on your team.”
  2. Allowing Standards to Drop:
    I didn’t account for what happens when players break the standards set. Allowing lots of small things go can accumulate to immense damage later. Encouraging players to hold one another accountable is important.
    “Refuse to lower your standards to accommodate those who refuse to raise theirs.

    “Mandy Hale”
  3. Outside Influence:
    I let too much influence me based on parents/coaches leading me to believe who is the best. This turned out to be very different through the season. Moral of the story, formulate own opinions that fit your own game model.
    Life is a matter of choices, every choice you make makes you.”
  4. Player Management:
    Taking time to understand EVERY individual and their motivation towards playing is essential. Finding ways to connect with players, even the ones who are more closed is important towards success.
    Everybody is different, Don’t judge. Instead  understand.”
  5. Communicating with Players:
    Giving players a voice I found important. You can still make the decisions as a coach but to include them in your decisions makes them feel like they have a voice. Explaining your decisions go a long way.
    Communication is your ticket to success, if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively.”