Receive to move in 2 touch

Objective – Ball handling

  1. Separate squad into 2’s
  2. Each player faces each other
  3. In between are 2 cones
  4. Alongside each player is an offset cone
  5. Players have to pass the ball to each other through the cones
  6. Receiver has to direct the receipt around the other cone and pass back

Do 1 minute games and the most passes group moves up

  1. 2 touch receive and pass
  2. MOVE feet to receive and pass
  3. Direct the ball with the first receipt
  4. Wide based receive
    Wide based receive
  5. Slap pass at pace
    The Slap Hit
  6. Accurate passes 
  7. Keep on the ground
  1. Every minute start the game again
  1. Reduce the gap between the cones
  2. Vary distance between players
  3. Different type of passing (push vs slap)
  4. Vary cones
  5. Give 5 balls so pressure to do it properly