Objective – receive under pressure and dribble to space

  1. Ideally 4 players
  2. Red players start on side 1, 2 or 3 of the box.
  3. Blue player in the box starts centrally.
  4. As soon as the feeder (also on the blue team) touches the ball all the players can move.
  5. The feeder takes one touch before passing the ball into the orange box NOW it is then 1 (blue player) vs 2 (red players).
  6. To score the blue player must dribble the ball under control out of the box on sides 1, 2 or 3. This gives the red players a chance to close down quickly and practise working as a double team.
  7. The blue players must work quickly to receive the ball in space and then dribble out of the square of cones

Phase 2 (after 10 secs)

Set this up to achieve additional objectives

  1. The blue player can play a bounce pass back in which case the blues can attack
  2. Or he can play to another blue player on the top quadrant of the D

Swap the defenders and attackers after ten repetitions. Challenge the defending team to work out how they can work together to win the ball.


  1. Do not dive
  2. Force an error
  3. Pin the blues to one side


  1. Protect the ball 
  2. One touch redirect
  3. Use your body

Send another ball

  1. Score one point to the defenders for a shave tackle, a double team or for a block tackle.
  2. Give the attacker a bonus point for side 2 (to encourage attacking forwards) or side 3 to encourage rolling with the ball strong.
4 drill to fast track your stick skills

Receiving The Ball Tacklebox