Rank my pass #7

Objective – accurate passing

  1. Specify a skill to practice
    1. Pushing
    2. Slap hitting
    3. Hitting
    4. Clip Hits
    5. etc
  2. Objective is to do a specified number of passes accurately (5 for youngsters and move up for older players)
  3. On conclusion move up one place and that team move down and start again
  4. ULTIMATE objective is to be the top ranked
  5. Gates to be 10 m away and 1 m apart (for younger players) vary distances based on age/ability
  1. How do you increase accuracy?
  2. How do you increase power?
  3. What does it look like when you start to pass the ball?
  4. What does it look like when you have finished passing the ball?
  5. How does it feel when you make a great pass?


  1. Stop the ball with wide based receive

Every 2 mins rerank

Increase complexity of hit/slap etc 

Change distances

Game #7 5-Alive