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Press Breakdown with 1v1

Objective – break the lines – find a high player

  1. 2 teams 3 v 3 setup in zones BUT…
    you can add more players into each zone and vary the objectives – if you do that then vary the pitch size
  2. Defending players aim is to break the press and get the ball high
  3. The attacking player who receives the ball goes into a 1v1 to score
  4. Aim of the game is to score a goal by getting the ball high and eliminating the defensive midfield


  1. Add extra defenders and midfield
  2. This enables transfers in the defensive zone
  3. Puts the midfielders under pressure to attack instantly

See similar on this video

Deny the channel


  1. Speed of attack or pass
  2. Early height looking to use the ball and attack Forward, First, Fast.
  3. Speed of receipt and vary pace in 1v1


  1. Quick press and step on cross
  2. Focus on ball retention when no option to go forward
  1. Any infraction coach throws new ball in
  1. Time to score
  2. 5 balls each to encourage retention