1. 3 teams (3v3, 4v4, 5v5)
    1. Blue defend right goal
    2. Red defend left goal
    3. Green start in middle
  2. Green start by attacking right goal (through blues)
    1. Score -Turn around and attack other goal (They continue to do this each time they score)
    2. Lose the ball – then the defending team attack the opposite goal (eg blue attack red goal)
    3. The non participating team need to organise their defence
  3. Score by running ball into goal area (denoted by cones)
  4. No tackling UNTIL attacking players are in your half
    1. Ball carriers to draw and pass
    2. Face the goal on run in
    3. Explode
    4. Height
    5. Speed
  1. Change direction and role (Attacker to defender or vice versa) on game score or loss of ball
  1. 2 goals at each end to encourage switching
  2. Add joker for overloads
  3. Score in the next minute = 2 goals
  4. Defenders have to run from goal line and cannot start until attackers get in their half
  5. Add GK