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Possession to score

Objective – Composure, space & possession – end with goal scoring

  1. Objective is to score by initially connecting 3/5 passes in a row
  2. When successful, the goals are “live”, and attackers can score at either end
  3. If no goal, game returns back into grid and pass count starts over
  4. Set “x” passes to age/ability
  1. In possession
    1. Explode
    2. Look for switches across grid
    3. Accumulate passes quickly to go live
  2. Out of possession
    1. Implode and put pressure on ball
    2. Mark the channels

Scanning is critical – on/off ball, in/out of possession –

NOTE: 6v3 while in possession

Start from sideline

  1. Each team has set no of balls – 5 balls
  2. Keep score
  3. On pass from inside to outside, receiver enters grid, passer goes outside
Password – winchester

Possession to score

Possession to score