Possession at the bell #13

Objective – Keeping the ball under pressure and moving to space

  1. 1/8th of a pitch (depending on numbers
  2. 2 teams – each side has their own half
  3. To score you have to have the ball in your half when the whistle is blown (every x seconds)
  4. Play is in 2 min periods – at the end of each period start counting down from 5-0 to increase desperation
    1. SPEED of reaction
    2. Communicate
    3. Run off the ball/play the angles
    4. Pressure on the ball
    5. Pass to space


    1. Defensive/Defensive transition
      1. Press after Loss
      2. Back home
      3. Interception/channelling
    2. Attacking/Attacking transition
      1. Stick to stick
      2. Keep the ball
      3. Open vision – face the field

    1. Coach sends new ball in

    1. Increase/Reduce size of box to add ease or difficulty
    2. Each team gets a fixed number of balls – pressure not to be wasteful
    3. Players have to keep the ball for 5 passes = 5 points – AND – they have to be in their own half for the 5 passes