Possession 4v4 #10

Objective – Teaching players not to give the ball away – DO NOT FORCE

  1. 1/8th of a pitch
  2. 4 v 4 with directional scoring
  3. 2 goals at each end
  4. Scoring can only be done by a push pass
  5. When you score you get as many goals as passes precede that goal
  6. On “turnover” the new team has to do ONE pass before attempting to score
    1. Communicate
    2. Run off the ball
    3. Pressure on the ball
    4. Low and mobile body position / good footwork


    1. Defensive/Defensive transition
      1. Press after Loss
      2. Block the line 2 goal
      3. Interception/Channelling
    2. Attacking/Attacking transition
      1. Find T&S, width and depth
      2. Risk Management
      3. Stick to stick

    1. Coach sends new ball in

    1. Increase/Reduce size of box to add ease or difficulty
    2. Each team gets a fixed number of balls – pressure not to be wasteful