Playing out through the middle

Objective – 

  1. 14 players (7 a side) on half a pitch
  2. The game starts with a 16 
  3. The objective is for the defenders to break out through the middle putting pressure on the attackers
  4. When they break out they can score in one of the goals on the halfway line
  5. The “attacking” team – aka the defenders are not allowed to play into the cross hatched area
  6. If the Defenders (attacking team) win the ball then they look to score normally
    1. Playing wide dragging the attackers wide then moving into central area
    2. Playing high fast – looking for that long ball – breaking the press
    3. Through long passes
    4. Using screens to get the ball out through the middle with 2 touch

    Back to 16 yard hit

    1. Limit number of balls each to encourage no wastage
    2. 10 passes before attacking
    3. Points for high passes

    Playing out through the middle