6 v 6 Pivoting with zones

GameObjectivesFocus onTransition/ResetProgression

Game makeup

  1. 6v6 (or more if necessary just vary numbers on pitch)
  2. 1 defender, 1 attackers, 2 midfield & 2 wings (rotate during game)
  3. 2 sideline lanes to fix wings on left and right
  4. 1/2 of pitch


  1. Std hockey rules
  2. Defender and attacker fixed in their zone
  3. Wings fixed in lanes (vary the width of these and keep quite wide)
  4. Attacking team allowed to add extra person into zone to encourage 2v1


  1. Normal
  2. Triple goals IF goal is as a result of a pivot

Explicit Objectives

  1. Generate width
  2. Keep possession by pivoting
  3. Speed of attack on pivot
  4. Movement off the ball

Focus points

  1. Possession – NO CONTACT so rollout
  2. Positional play so there is always left foot or square pass
  3. Attackers to offer “back pass”
  4. Pivoting when locked out
  5. Encourage deflection goals from wing passes
  6. Drawing defender BEFORE passing
  7. Fast transfers
  8. Encourage cross pitch slap shots (if pitch wide enough)


  1. 16yd when goal scored


  1. Turn & Burn to encourage faster transitions
  2. 1 touch 
  3. 3 touch
  4. No tackling (similar to netball)
  5. Remove lanes
  6. Widen pitch
  7. Reduce player nos keep game fast
  8. 3rd team to transition on an event.