Penalty Corner Knockout

Objective – improve PCAs

Simply, each team score points for scoring goals. Only the goalkeeper defends against these practise penalty corners.

Area: You will need one D for each team of players. A team will need to be able to inject, trap and shoot a penalty corner, so at least 3 players per team.

Round 1. Give each team 10 minutes to practise their 3 most reliable penalty corners. Then bring all 3 teams back together for a competition. The rules are: 5 penalty corners per side. The whistle blows and there is 5 seconds to inject and score the penalty corner (just enough for on very sharp rebound). Be strict on time. Each team has 5 attempts. The team that scores the most corners wins Round 1.

Round 2. Each team has another 10 minutes to practice 5 different penalty corners, which can include the three from round 1 (it works better if there is some overlap because too much variation tends to reduce quality). Bring the 3 teams back together and repeat the competition to take a winner of Round 2.

Round 3. For the final round the teams can use any corners they choose. They have a final 5 minutes to practise. This time the competition is a knockout. Each team has 3 lives. A life is lost for either a mis-injection, mis-trap or a misunderstood routine (not scoring doesn’t automatically = a lost life). Score one point for every goal. This way there is a reward for consistency and for the ultimate aim, scoring. It is important to reward consistent execution, because that is what will score penalty corners in a match.